IPC sets global standards for safe and innovative solutions in the metal packaging sector, but also in other future-oriented industries.

When it comes to refining the surfaces of a wide variety of materials, we at IPC are your competent partner.
Our coating systems are specially adapted to your industrial requirements and further developed (if necessary, also in cooperation with universities).
IPC Coatings System can be excellently integrated into your production processes and reliably ensure the quality of the packaged goods.Our product portfolio mainly includes coatings for :
– Varnishes and coatings for the beverage can industry
– Monoblock aerosol cans
– Aluminium tubes
– Lacquers for coil coating application EOE
– Lacquers for glass closures
– varnishes for crown corks
– Varnishes and adhesives for other industrial applications, e.g. E-engine technology
– cleaners
Innovation and change are our driving force;
Customer proximity and sustainable technologies are important to us .
(water-based varnish technology) .
Progress is our goal .
[content_box featured_image=“176″ heading=“BEVERAGE CANS“ heading_size=“h4″ style=“style-1″ text_align=“left“ link=“/en/technologycontainer-coatings#getraenkedosen“ link_text=“Details“]The beverage can coatings have been developed specifically for the inside and outside can surfaces, combining the highest level of food safety with a brilliant visual appearance.[/content_box]
[content_box featured_image=“401″ heading=“AEROSOL CANS“ heading_size=“h4″ style=“style-1″ text_align=“left“ link=“/en/technologycontainer-coatings#aerosoldosen“ link_text=“Details“]Regardless of the challenges placed on your packaging by the chemical specifications of the spray contents of your product, we are brimming with ideas and can offer you the optimal solution.[/content_box]
[content_box featured_image=“179″ heading=“FOOD CANS“ heading_size=“h4″ style=“style-1″ text_align=“left“ link=“/en/technologycontainer-coatings#konserven“ link_text=“Details“]Food safety together with a glossy visual appearance and a robust and resistant finish – we ensure that your products are well received.[/content_box]
[content_box featured_image=“180″ heading=“GLASS JAR SEALS & CAPS“ heading_size=“h4″ style=“style-1″ text_align=“left“ link=“/en/technologycontainer-coatings#glaeserverschluesse“ link_text=“Details“]A cap or seal that has a first-class coating is a sign of quality and food hygiene. It also provides a excellent appearance. We can put the crown on your product![/content_box]
[content_box featured_image=“181″ heading=“TUBES“ heading_size=“h4″ style=“style-1″ text_align=“left“ link=“/en/technologycontainer-coatings#tuben“ link_text=“Details“]Tubes are ideal for ensuring that cosmetic, hygiene and medical articles remain reusable for as long as possible. We make sure that in addition they have a polished appearance.[/content_box]
[content_box featured_image=“78″ heading=“EFFECT COATING“ heading_size=“h4″ style=“style-1″ text_align=“left“ link=“/en/technologycontainer-coatings#effektlacke“ link_text=“Details“]This gives your product both structure and animation: We ensure a unique appearance and robust surface.[/content_box]