[rt_heading style=“style-4″ size=“h1″ punchline=““]COMPANY INFORMATION[/rt_heading]
[rt_heading style=“style-1″ size=“h3″]What does “IPC” stand for?[/rt_heading]
The abbreviation IPC GmbH stands for International Packaging Coatings:

The company has been internationally successful since it was founded 15 years ago, giving justification to the founding pioneers.

The name says it all: We develop and distribute innovative and technically superior protective finishes for the Container Coatings Industry worldwide. As leading experts in this field our involvement becomes important just when problems arise.

IPC GmbH also develops coatings to match customer specifications in keeping with the highest exacting global standards. It is quite simple: You inform us of your packaging requirements and we provide the appropriate finish.

[rt_heading style=“style-1″ size=“h3″]We take responsibility[/rt_heading]

For us it is important that our solutions/products within the metal packaging industry are not only extremely innovative but also environmentally friendly.

Therefore, we have developed specialised water-based coatings with a minimal VOC content.

The great success that we have achieved with this product in the area of beverage cans and aerosol containers has just justified this development.

So we continue with our research and development into solutions that are both beneficial and sustainable: For you, your customers and our environment.